Flying stripes sheer / lined black and white circle skirt

Ikat teal and burgundy net lined tango dance skirt

Neon and blue ink wash tango dance skirt

Glowing neon yellow stretch chiffon tango (ballet?) skirt

Bright poppies a-line tango dance skirt

Mint flowers on red A-line skirt

Impressionist flowers A-line tango skirt

Salmon and light sea green layered tango skirt

Teal pencil skirt with pleats

Some of these skirts may still be available in the TangoSkirt Etsy shop.

White and soft grey clouds tango dance skirt

Lace and satin black peacock tango skirt

Golden peacock stretch velvet tango skirt

Some of these skirts may still be available in the TangoSkirt Etsy shop.

Glowing red pattern with cyan: a feathery tribal skirt

Earthy brown double-slit skirt
This skirt is designed especially for comfortable unrestricted movement. You can actually sit cross-legged in it!

Stripes and neon tassled skirt

While these skirts are most likely sold out by now, they can provide inspiration for a custom order or a request. Enjoy!
Or, check what's available in the shop right now.

While these skirts are most likely sold out by now, they can provide inspiration for a custom order or a request. Enjoy!

A shimmery ivory + pink double layer skirt
Length: 17" in the front, ~28" in the back.
Another way to wear: move the back pleat to open at your left leg.

A red skirt with a tail of bright flowers.
The tail swings almost by itself when you walk.
The skirt can be worn two ways: tail-down, or tied up to the sides for some extra drape.

A black ruffle skirt with green chiffon
Wear on high or low waist. The ruffle fabric is sheer against strong light, but provides good coverage under normal conditions.
Length in the front: 20"

Wine-red and orange ikat style stretch skirt with a secret pocket
This skirt has a hidden pocket underneath the back fold for your essentials: a key, some cash and a credit card. Absolutely impossible to detect by sight! The pleated detail at the back of the skirt gives a fuller tail, and provides comfort and coverage.

Black skirt with mini-ruffles and pleats
Black skirt made from delicate black poly / spandex. Semi-sheer, depending on the light: you will see a silhouette through it when looking into bright sunlight, but the ruffles provide good coverage in all other situations.

Do you have flower hair clips? Here's another place you can clip them! The flower and tassles attach to the center-tail piece, and you can easily unclip for washing.

Jungle dress
This dress was inspired by the lush colors the leaves are turning. They grow thicker by late spring and from the shadows, you look up and see a very deep emerald. The dress is built with a separate top and skirt.

Tango DIY: make a skirt from a shirt!

Cheap, quick DIY:
I made a tango skirt out of a loose t-shirt. Want to make one? Here's what you need:
a soft shirt, scissors, needle and thread, binder clip or clothes pin.

  1. Use a shirt with somewhat nice fabric. A thick cotton shirt may not give you the flowing look you want here.
  2. Turn upside down.
  3. Cut off the sleeve cuffs and the finished neck.
  4. Put it on! Now, pinch the extra fabric in the back until the skirt sits pretty tight across your low waist. Stop when the fabric starts to wrinkle horizontally and becomes constricting rather than dancer-tight.
  5. Fold the extra fabric in the back symmetrically and secure with binder clips.
  6. Take the skirt off!
  7. Sew the folded fabric in the back. I recommend a zigzag stitch because it will let the fabric stretch.
  8. Perk: even if your fabric is very thin, the back fold helps you conceal the fact that you're wearing underwear.
  9. Sew the sleeves closed. Turn inside out if you don't want the seam visible.
    This is optional - maybe you want the fabric just to hang? Or cut the shoulder pieces to make sharp edges?
  10. I do not recommend leaving open arm holes to just dangle there: they may get caught on the stiletto heel when you dance.
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